Fragment Fixers are small flashcards containing over 110 unique fragments of sentences that need completing. They are a great way for children to learn new vocabulary in context and apply it to their writing.


I find them more beneficial than pure vocabulary flashcards as there is a contextual element to using them accurately. They can also help develop more creative and complex sentences in a child's writing. The cards come with 3 different sentence fragments and have the definitions of the higher level vocabulary and example sentences on the back.


They come packaged in a plastic business card size box and are printed on card. The target age range is 9-16. I have used them with KS2, KS3, 11+ and GCSE English students.


The price is £5 + £3 P&P (small parcel price unfortunately).


If you would prefer to only receive a PDF of the cards and print them yourself, please email me on Thanks for looking.

Fragment Fixers


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