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Creative Writing - My Process

Over the next few weeks, or whenever the new edition to my family will allow! I will be sharing some of the ways that I improve children’s writing, both as a 1:1 and group tutor, when I lead writing interventions at schools and as a whole class Year 6 teacher. I will give some insight into the different processes I use, explain how I use them and post pictures and links where possible for further reading should you be interested. I tend to use a mix of processes, not just one and have been fortunate enough to work at schools that allow this technique. I do not believe in a ‘one way works for all’ approach to teaching writing and use elements from many familiar names in the education world to teach creative writing to children.

Whether you read these blog posts to improve a child’s writing in the general sense, or if you have the 11+ or private school entrance exams in mind, hopefully these posts will help your child with their creative writing by giving you some form and structure to the techniques you can apply. The posts are for the creative writing process as a whole; one that takes time to build, not quick hints and tips for a one-off exam. I’m sure there are practitioners out there who will give one-off tips, but I believe building a solid grounding in sentence construction leads on to children who can express themselves clearly and coherently. Mastery of grammatical techniques is a by-product and not a focus of my teaching – too many children are leaving primary school able to identify expanded noun phrases but have no clue what they are for or able to complete half-written fragments of sentences in a way that makes grammatical sense. I promise that I’ll try not to get too political with my educational rants!

When I’m teaching whole class creative writing, obviously resources, sheer numbers and the time element differs to when I’m tutoring, but overall the approach is the same. I will try to break down each blog post for both tutoring and for whole class teaching each time. When teaching in a mainstream school, the difference in the abilities of the children is astounding; most Year 6 teachers know that you can have children who are working at EYFS level in the same room as those who are greater depth writers capable of demonstrating deep understanding of prose and grammatical techniques. Managing these polar opposites is never easy, however it’s not something I’m going to focus on in my posts. I will be focusing on those who are just below where they need to be, children we think of as needing that ‘extra push’; children who are working at a level expected for their age but are capable of more and those who are looking to demonstrate ‘mastery’ in creative writing for either personal reasons, or to gain entry to a grammar or independent school of their choice.

Feedback and questions on techniques I use are always welcome – please message!

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